Muhammad Ali LakhaniMr. Muhammad Ali Lakhani has accomplishments that cannot be explained in words. He was born and raised in a wealthy and reputed family based in Dubai. He traveled across the US, UAE, and the UK in his early years. He is a licensed RYA Level 2 Captain for sailing. He is a proud member of a family engaged in shipping business and his father, Mr. Tahir Lakhani is already a renowned name in the ship recycling industry.

His Tennis Career and Early Years

Ali Lakhani DubaiLike his father, Mr. Muhammad Ali Lakhani Shipping was an avid tennis player in his early days. His father was pleased with his skills and abilities in tennis. He also encouraged him to focus on his tennis career as he wanted to make this sport his professional career. Mr. Ali Lakhani polished his tennis skills in the US and he went through a strict training routine. But he never compromised on his studies. He paid equal attention to studies and tennis.

Mr. Ali Lakhani Dubai always desired to take his tennis game to another level and he also represented the UAE National Team. He joined Florida-based Saddlebrook Tennis Academy to complete his training and polish his skills. But he suffered a shocking car accident and got a setback in his life. He had no other choice but to bid farewell to his passion and tennis career. But he never looked back as he moved on to the shipping business like his father. In order to pursue his career in the shipping industry, he joined Maritime Business & Law School in the UK for his bachelor’s degree.

Making his Presence in Shipping Industry

After his graduation, he decided to gain enough experience. Hence, he worked for several multinational companies in London and gained enough exposure to the corporate world.  Later on, he settled back to the UAE to live with family and work for the past 7 years in the shipping business.

Mr. Muhammad Ali Lakhani Dubai already belongs to a reputed and business family. But he still came out of his comfort zone to accomplish his objectives and chase his dreams. He worked for several multinational companies and associations to gain experience and specialization in the shipping industry. He could easily join his family business without doing anything but he still explored the industry and gained first-hand experience. He also explored other industries like IT by working on drones and UAVs.

Mr. Ali Lakhani Shipping developed automated drones to help the shipping industry to flourish. He is hopeful to provide his world-class drone solutions to all the shipping ports in the UAE, ranging from surveillance and environmental verticals to drone delivery.

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